Got Dish Network and found SIRIUS

July 3rd, 2010

When we got Dish Network, I was so excited to have Sirius XM channels. I listen to Sirius XM Octane every day, whether while doing things on the computer or doing some work for college. The DJs are pretty awesome and it’s very entertaining! All the regular radio stations here are pretty boring compared to Sirius XM.

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Kenny in Canada Loves SIRIUS

June 29th, 2010

The year was 2005 when I was first introduced to Sirius.  My cousin, showed me his new ‘toy’ and I fell in love.  At that time satellite radio wasn’t legal in Canada….but that was only a technicality! Soon I had my very own radio and was instantly hooked.

I took my Sirius radio everywhere that I possible could…even to the beach…and that was before the boom boxes were on the market!!  I would transfer it from my personal truck to my work truck and boys at work loved it!
I’m a construction electrician and to this day I’ll go out of my way to park my truck in such a spot that I can get reception on my work radio.  All the guys laugh at me but they sure enjoy it.
The only time I tune to terrestrial radio is for the local news and school closures in the winter.  When I’m in someone else’s vehicle I listen to their radio and can’t comprehend how they listen to all those commercials.
My name is Kenny and I’m Siriusxm listener.  \m/

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Damond Loves SIRIUS XM in his truck

June 21st, 2010

I started driving truck 5 years ago, I was out for about 2 weeks when I got fed up with trying to find a radio station. I was in Wyoming when I finally broke down and picked up my first receiver. I can’t begin to explain how happy I’ve been with SiriusXm!  The miles just click on by!  What more could you ask for? Music, News, Comedy… The first thing I do before anything else when I change trucks is get my radio up and running.



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A Pirates Redemption

February 17th, 2010

I’ve been a fan of the original programming Sirius/XM had to offer since its inception. Even back when the two companies were at war, there was a huge array of great talk programming from both sides. Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, Opie and Anthony, Ron & Fez, Jason Ellis, etc. I am simply a talk radio junkie. I used to hijack my father’s Sirius online account from time to time to listen to programming live, but for the most part I would just download full shows and play them on my ipod. There is no denying the quality of these shows, but for the longest time I saw no reason to be a subscriber. That all changed this week when I signed up for the Sirius internet radio free trial. I am completely hooked on the sheer variety that Sirius/XM has to offer. Talk radio is my first love, but thanks to Sirius/XM internet radio, I fell in love with radio in general again. I realize I am late to the party, but I am blown away by the selection of commercial free music channels. On top of that, with the Sirius/XM online plan I also get the best of XM which means I get exclusive live programming from all of my favorite talk shows. I honestly could not be happier with my decision. It makes you wonder why Sirius/XM hasn’t completely taken over terrestrial radio. The music jocks are quick and to the point, the transitions are smooth, there are no commercials, and there are no FCC restrictions. With Sirius/XM there is no reason to even bother with the terrestrial radio industry that is running itself into the ground with lame bits, and overall corporate mentality when it comes to “entertainment.” No one wants cookie cutter radio and Sirius/XM is anything but that. They have successfully turned me from an internet pirate to a loyal customer in less than a week. Consider this my redemption, and my renewed faith in radio in general. Thank you Sirius/XM, you have just gained a subscriber for life!

Ray in FL

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Scott loves SIRIUS XM

February 15th, 2010

Where else but Sirius-XM can you get Howard Stern and 100 plus stations of music and talk. With the NBA,NFL,NHL,PGA even Major League Baseball Sirius-XM offers everything to sports and music fans. With a Stiletto 2 and a home unit I can travel every where and enjoy Satellite radio every where I go.

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I love my XM SkyDock

October 23rd, 2009

A new radio is out and it’s pretty darn cool. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit from the ease of installation with PowerConnect to having fun changing the channels on my iPod touch with the swipe of my finger across the screen. It’s called the XM SkyDock and it turns an iPhone or iPod touch into an XM Satellite Radio. It’s super easy to use and setup and I totally love it. Checkout the video here.

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Baby dances to XMs 20 on 20

September 29th, 2009

DJ Who Loves Casey Kasem

September 19th, 2009

I have been a DJ and “Door Diva” in nightclubs in LA, NY & Chicago for over 20 years. Nightlife and music is my job. One of my favorite shows on SiriusXm is the Casey Kasem’s countdown. I usually listen when I get home from work on Saturday mornings. Each week they go back in time and I am reminded of various points of my life and how that music effected me in that moment. It is like time travel.



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My Cleaning Lady ALSO Loves My SiriusXM Radio

September 18th, 2009

In addition to the numerous channels I enjoy as a SiriusXM subscriber, I now have another reason to love my radio.  My cleaning lady is Hispanic and barely speaks any English at all. She cleans my apartment once a month and normally has to suffer through a quiet apartment. Recently, it occurred to me that SiriusXM has programming in other languages. SiriusXM has two channels: Viva and Caliente that my cleaning lady can listen to while she is here.  It made her very happy.


Louise from Florida

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John Has 9 Lifetime Memberships

September 17th, 2009

I’ve been a fan of Sirius from the very start…I have 9 lifetime memberships all purchased before 2003 and that has already paid off. I didn’t really know the XM lineup. I’m a big fan of a few stations; Hits 1, The Pulse, Lithium, Coffee House, Hip-Hop Nation, Siriusly Sinatra, The Joint, and Howard 101.

In my work I can listen all day long so I tend to jump around on those channels. Overall, the only thing that really pisses me off is when they move channels. That reggae channel has got to have moved number assignments 3 or 4 times already…each time it moves I feel it is getting closer to being canned and that would really suck.

Most of my radios are Stiletto 100’s and I now have 2 Stiletto 2’s. I really like these for their WiFi capability since there is no reception via satellite or terrestrial repeaters where I am during the work day. I truly wish they would put the entire line up on over the Internet streams…heck, we’re already paying for the content right?

By the way…I am desperately hoping the merger actually works and turns profitable as I absolutely would hate to go back to commercial filled BS radio.
John E.

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